Little Coffee Love Story

Do you drink coffee?when coffee come to you in a cup, do you ever think where it's come from? I will tell you how farmer take care this trees, so it's give us a little story about a cup of coffee at your table :) . I grew up surrounded by coffee trees. My father was a teacher but also a farmer. He plants coffee trees. Sometimes I company him to take care the coffee trees, touch the trees & clean the field from grass, so all nutrition is just for coffee tree, not for grass. Cut off all new bine that grow, we just keep, so the nutrition not wasted for grow that bine, Every week new bine grow & we must cut this off, again & again. but the grass never die. Grow & grow again. So we need  a consictency to cut that things  All just to make sure the trees healthy. My father serve them (coffee trees*) so well, Take a look of them, free them from it's grass, & treat them like his own children.

I think tree same like animal, they know that they loved, they know us. I know the different between coffee tree that never touched by human & the trees that touched everyday by farmer. it's big different. Next time I will show you the pics, not today cuz it's late night now. What I want to say is, talking about coffee is not simple as a cup of coffee :D.

Good night 

* next time I will write better one :) or edit this :P